Channel level means features that are available for your channel on EyeSlick.

There are 2 channel levels: Basic and PRO.

The difference between them you can read below:

Partner level shows the amount of invites you have. Using these invites you can create new channels for yourself or invite new partners.

There are 6 partner levels on EyeSlick:

- Free Partner Level  

(5 invites by default) 

- Standard Partner Level

(3 invites - 8 in total)

- Ultimate Partner Level

(50 invites)

- VTail Manifesto Partner Level

(additional 10 invites) 

- VIP Partner Level

(all invites are PRO for 6 months)

( additional 10 invites) 

- VTail Overflow Partner Level

(+3% =8% from partners earnings)

(additional 50 invites)